Pro-Autism - Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Prioritize Remediation of Autism (Pro-Autism)


RDI® consultations, according to the newest RDI™ protocol, including:

» Intake questionnaires and forms
» Home visits
» Full Relationship Development Assessment (RDA™)
» Parent education and training via RDIconnect™
» Ongoing consultation and video review
» Management of challenging behaviours
» Training of school staff and RDI® extenders/therapists

After the initial parent preparation and assessment, I will:

» Set clear intervention objectives based upon RDA™ evaluation.
» Evaluate and implement modifications based upon the child's unique needs.
» Track and evaluate intervention objectives.
» Regularly review video clips of parent-child sessions conducted by parents in the home and provide clear, specific feedback.

Starting December 2013, the following new services are available at the new RDI® clinic (Pro-Autism) at:

Abby's Office (
5250 Ferrier Street Suite 801
Montreal, Quebec H4P 1L4

Other Services

» Educational workshops on autism and other varied topics (challenging behavior, communication, etc.)
» Dyads and developmental play groups
» Developmental social groups
» Developmental therapy (one-on-one)